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Craniosacral Therapy at a Distance

During these unprecedented times when we cannot get together to do CST, we can still keep up our practice and even enhance our skills and support each others’ health by doing distant CST.

Although this may be new to some of you, both as a concept and a practice, you have probably all discovered in Teaching Clinics that you can tune in to someone even before you put your hands on them. For those of you who haven’t tried this, you will now be able to develop this useful skill.

Trust that this works and that we can all do this – even if we have never done this before, the power is latent within all of us.

Do not be put off by the fact that you are not in the same location as your partner, this works whether they are physically in front of you, beside you, or on the other side of the globe.

Many experiments have been carried out for years, which have provided empirical evidence that distant healing is very effective.

There is also continuing research and studies to discover how this works. Lynne McTaggart is very active in this field and has some very accessible videos online for those interested

Scientists working with the theories of quantum physics and mechanics have also formulated some interesting scientific explanations of what is happening.

Remote viewing techniques have also been widely researched and used, notably by the US military in a research unit at Stanford. The protocol they developed is now in the public domain.

How to do it?

For those of you who may already be familiar with distant healing, or reiki, I suggest that distant craniosacral therapy is not quite the same thing. CST principles still apply.

When working distantly be sure you have consent from the recipient before you begin.

There are several ways to practice distant CST but all begin in the same way, by settling into your practitioner fulcrums.

Really focus on your initial grounding and awareness of your embodied self. Try to really get a sense of your own energy field and firm up the edges of it. If you need to, visualise yourself rooted within a containing bubble of light, noticing that it completely surrounds you.

Put your attention on your partner. If you are doing this using the computer you can focus on their image on screen. If you are using the phone, without visuals, you can hone in on their energetic frequency by focussing on their name, or by imagining they are with you. Visualise/ imagine or simply focus on the intention that they are grounded within their own strong energy field. Then imagine there is another strong energy field containing just the two of you and your energy fields, in your physical space. This containing energy field becomes your therapy room, allowing your energies to connect in a safe, defined space.

If you want a sense of physical contact you can work on a pillow or cushion and imagine that it is your partner. Pin their name to it if it helps focus your awareness. Then you can work under and over the pillow as you would on a body. Imagine the pillow is your partner’s sacrum for example and tune in – notice quality, symmetry and motion as you would normally. You will be amazed at what you can pick up.

Imagining that your partner is there with you, project your focus onto your partner. This is similar to the way we project our attention up/down the spine to different parts of the body. As with all craniosacral sessions we are attuning and deeply listening – we are in receiver mode. We are trusting the system to express and respond accordingly. We are not sending or directing energy – we are engaged witnesses to the innate wisdom of the system.

Observe what unfolds as you would in any session, while holding the intention of connection to the ‘health’ of the system – ie the part of us which is always whole and which knows what to do. Let go of any need to fix. Just be present in connection with the health

Trust that you will receive the information from your partner’s system in the same way you would in any session. It may even be enhanced because you are not having to negotiate any physical awkwardness of position or weight.

If at any point you feel yourself becoming too engaged, come back to your own grounding and fulcrum before you continue.

Your partner should feed back to you if your distant contact is uncomfortable. This can happen – your energetic presence is the same as your physical one. If your energy is too intense, too focussed, it will be experienced as such, perhaps as weight or pain. Simply feed back to your partner as normal and explore different levels of contact and spaciousness as usual, expressed as energy and connection. This is a really great opportunity to become more aware of your energetic effect and notice how to dial up or down your energetic volume as necessary. Do also feedback if you feel you’d like a closer sense of your partner.

Allow the session to unfold as if it were a physical session.

When you feel the session is complete, draw your focus back to yourself and once again notice your partner grounded and anchored within their own strong energy field and located in their own physical space. Then bring your awareness back to yourself and ground yourself within your own energy field and physical location. Allow the energy field around the two of you to dissolve. It is perhaps even more important than usual to separate yourself from the person you have been working with and come fully back to yourself, leaving all that is theirs behind.

About the Author:

Octavia Kenny is a tutor at the College of Craniosacral Therapy, and in addition to being a Craniosacral Therapist is an Accredited Healer in various modalities of healing and self-development. She is committed to encouraging all to reach their optimal health and personal potential as well as deepening their connection with their own spiritual nature. Based in Glastonbury, UK, Octavia can be reached via e-mail at:

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