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Mike Boxhall: Joint Practice and Craniosacral Therapy

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Written by extraordinary craniosacral therapist, Mike Boxhall (Jan 4, 1930- April 10, 2019), and published on his website. We are fortunate to have received his wisdom and will continue his/our journey of surrender and embodied practice.

May he rest in love.


"I think, therefore I am." Is the famous phrase coined by Rene Descartes.

This has become the motto of the modern mind. Descartes championed the mind-matter split. Since then, Western science, philosophy and education have been based on the subject- object divide and the human-nature divide.

Much of our social and political paradigm stems from this dualism. From this dualism flow individualism, industrialism, humanism, capitalism and egoism. Dualism also gives birth to fragmentation, separation, alienation and isolation. ( Satish Kumar in Resurgence - issue 199.)

I lay no claims to being a seer but it seems possible that the end of the second millennium and the beginning of the third may well become known as the post- Descartian, post-Cartesian, if you will and the beginning of the rebirth of Wisdom. It is perhaps time for Knowledge, as differentiated from Information. We are stuffed with information but information is always about something and implies a separation from the object. This separation leads to alienation, judgement and a doing of something to or sometimes for, the object, based entirely on incomplete information. Because incomplete, therefore false.

To be sure, the last days of overweening superiority of the Intellect will not be bloodless. The ego will not quietly allow a co-dependence with another. The paradox of the ego is that we cannot get rid of it. Who would be the subject and who would be the object? What we can do is to enlighten it. Know it and work with it. Thus, we become whole and real.

What I think and certainly hope, is that we are working towards a realisation of the CO-dependence of ourselves, the planet and everything in and on it. Life may become joint -practice in which I realise that "I am because we are." (A South African perspective). This roughly, is the message of Deep Ecology, one of the latest and most comprehensive sciences, in my opinion. A science which seems to be truly searching for a unification practice. Not just a theory.

I am so excited by the potential of Craniosacral therapy as a tool for the establishment, or perhaps reestablishment, of the practice of co-dependent arising, to use a Buddhist expression and at the same time, very aware of its capacity, so subtle, to be a bolster for mechanism, information gathering and manipulation. In other words a denial of SELF expression.

We have discussed elsewhere, that doing less is more. We have gone further and said that doing nothing, just being, with the only intentionality being to hear, receive, accept, acknowledge, validate, is sufficient. In this acceptance of who we are, we remember who we meant to be and are in the possibility of rebirth into that intention. Intelligence is contacted. To contact this intelligence, which is joint, even Universal, may mean sinking into awareness which is below the intellect.

I am told we need to do more than enter the stillness of awareness. I have no judgement about that need. I make the observation that it is not necessary, just a need! The need can then be accepted like all other manifestations of the intellect. Stillness is not an escape from anything, it is a dynamic process which allows the whole to come into unfoldment. It is not easy to hold and involves practice in being in the present without the rabbiting of the past and the future. It is one way to go.

Trust the Tide, it will take you there. Only, you have to trust it! This is where we came in, 100 years ago with William Garner Sutherland et al.

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