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Frequently Asked Questions/

  • Does it cost anything to be featured on the website?
    Not at all! There are no costs incurred to practitioners nor to the organizations featured on our site.
  • Are you an agency that provides therapists with voluntary work placements?
    The short answer for this is no. Cranio in the Community is a developing resource aimed at providing interested parties with information.
  • Are you promoting a particular modality of craniosacral work?
    Service to the community is always inclusive! Whether you come from a Biodynamic, Integrated, Upledger, or any other CST background doesn't matter as long as the intention of collective support is present.
  • Is this only for Craniosacral Therapists in Europe?
    Whilst the members of the Craniosacral Collaborative are based in Europe, we want to spread our wings to all parts of this beautiful world. This of course will take some time, but this is where we all play a role in exploring and sharing with one another.
  • Are you affiliated with any CST college/school?
    A couple of us are tutors at the College of Craniosacral Therapy (CCST) in London but the Craniosacral Collaborative and Cranio in the Community are independent of any institution.
  • Why don't you have bios? Who are you?
    At the moment putting up bios is not an important focus of this site. Whilst we are passionate about this work and take pride in its steady momentum (if we do say so ourselves) we also want to highlight that this is the work of all of us who answer to a desire to help others. I am sure that as this work develops we will weave in a little bit more of ourselves as individuals, but ultimately, we are a community and we don't want to detract from that.
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