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"A group of people of goodwill, unifying their efforts and guided by a common purpose, can have an effect on their environment far out of proportion to their numerical strength."

About / Cranio in the Community is a project aimed at promoting acts of service through craniosacral therapy.  This includes featuring the work of therapists and groups who respond to an innate call to serve marginalized communities and individuals that are often harder to reach within the umbrella of therapeutic work. In developing a global network and collaborative forum, it is our hope that we can build on our collective aspirations, bringing awareness and opportunities to both practitioners and patients alike. 

If you are interested in keeping up to date with our work please subscribe to our website!  We will be updating our site every few weeks with new therapist profiles and voluntary/donation based opportunities.  If you are a practitioner or organization that is currently serving the community and would like to be highlighted on our page then please e-mail us at: