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2021 Summer Retreat 

 Istria, Croatia

"I loved working with the chakras.
I would like to thank you for organising such heartfelt, centred, and grounding retreat. I enjoyed each day. It was a fully packed  four days of Cranio training, connecting to each other, yoga, swimming, walks, dancing, sightseeing, eating, and drinking. I am so pleased that you are planning another next June. 


It’s so refreshing being part of a tribe that it is not ego centred but truly heart centred. I loved the wonderful energy we created... being open to trust, share and support each other. It’s a gift." - M.T

"The Croatia retreat will enhance your professional skills and abilities, will unwind and unravel your body, spirit, and chakras of course! By proving and holding the pace and tools (e.g. sea, and lots, lots of delicious food and wine) until the therapist within you awakens! The wonderful facilitators definitely know the way." - V.P

"Best CPD ever. . . until Croatia 2020" - A.H

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for this wonderful Croatian Cranial experience, truly magical.  Thank you too to my fellow "students" of yoga, dancing, wine tasting, gastronomy, singing, oh and CST! Some beautiful memories, feeling wonderful" - H.G

Delving into the Fascial Field

Summer 2021 Dates TBD

Istria, Croatia

The intention of this retreat is to further a more complete understanding and felt sense experience of the stories held in the fascia through engaging deeply with the fascial unwinding process.  Holding a sea of cellular memory, we will examine and encounter the importance of this layer of connective tissue both through theoretical and practical work. 


Join us as we explore the magic of the fascial field and it's significance to energetic and emotional fulcrums, cellular memory, muscluar and nervous tensions, and proprioception. This is an immersive event as we will engage in fascial unwinding exercises within an integrated CST treatment, visceral unwinding, and engaging with this matrix and its expression whilst cocooned in water (opportunities to work both in the pool and the sea!)  With an embodied awareness, we will connect with our own matrix as we work collectively towards wholeness.

Join us in beautiful Istria, Croatia for a 5 day Craniosacral retreat, fueled by the gastronomic delights of the area. You will organise your own flights (from London Stansted is preferable so we can all arrive together and organise a group excursion for the Sunday night in the vicinity).

This space will include our immersion in meditation, local exploration, community work, and practical workshops. It is a rare opportunity to create a dynamic heartfelt space with fellow practitioners and delve into profound and exciting paradigms.     

The cost is £590 per person including accommodation, breakfast and lunch and all teachings. We will explore the beauty of the area in the evenings with the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine.  A deposit of £100 will secure your space so email craniointhecommunity@gmail.com for more details. 

Facilitators:  Lizette Villaverde and Carolyn Stevens

Lizette and Carolyn are tutors and course leaders at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London.  They both share the passion to support and empower others to connect with their innate universal wisdom.  They are founders of the Craniosacral Collaborative, an initiative to create a platform for therapists to share, enrich and empower one another through collaborative working, including the Cranio in the Community project which aims to assist the wider collective community through acts of service.


Lizette Villaverde


Carolyn Stevens