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"She's Out There"

Homeopath, Doula, and Craniosacral Therapist, Cathy Brooks touches on her journey within the field of craniosacral therapy as well as the diverse communities that she has been able to reach with this beautiful work. Cathy is currently organizing treatments in North Essex/Suffolk for climate change activists. If you are interested in taking part, contact Cathy directly on


Before the ink was dry on my Homoeopathic qualification, I found myself in at the deep end, volunteering for a homoeopathic charity offering wellbeing support at outdoor events across the UK. Truly a baptism of fire in the Glastonbury days of the Peace Convoy and Traveller Camps - their presence was felt across the Green Fields and made prescribing very challenging. Nothing could stop me now!

10 years of building my London based Homoeopathic Practice left me feeling it was time to come out of my head and into my hands. An old friend introduced me to CranioSacral Therapy and I was hooked. Injuries resolved with gentle, non-invasive touch, that spoke to my soul. Bones moved, fluid flowed and I was home.

This was something I could take on the road, if Homoeopathy could be offered in a muddy field, then so could CST. A move to North Essex, biker heartland provided me with the opportunity. From thinking I could just advertise in the Rally Promotional Material I found myself pitching for a pitch (stall) with Piglet who runs the annual Bum in the Mud Rally. Have van (tick), have tent (tick), have Harley Davidson (tick) - I am in. Other Rallies followed and Bikes, Backs and Beyond was born amid the cacophony of revving machines, Born to be Wild belting out over the tanoy. Stillness can be over rated.

Bikers love CranioSacral Therapy, they carry a lot of injuries and are often heavily medicated because of this, they do not have the language to describe what they were experiencing, but I found that no hindrance, I speak their speak, we have common ground.

Growing up in a family committed to lifelong learning meant that, alongside my Complementary Therapy Practice, I have always kept a foot in the camp of Adult Learning; volunteering to support learners within Adult Community Learning Essex. My request to teach CranioSacral Therapy was met with `do some training, cut your teeth teaching adults with learning difficulties then we will see..’. I buttoned my lip and got on with it. A tough apprenticeship followed whereby I learned a lot, taught several classes weekly over three years and gained a Teaching Qualification then ‘the man from Del Monte said yes’.

After seven years of teaching one day Cranial workshops across North Essex, my skills have been honed. I designed an accompanying Power Point, now on version 6 as I simplified, made more pictorial (including a pic of a jelly fish to explain the Meninges) and now several of my learners have entered full, professional training. Others use it for friends and family or add to their existing therapy skills (many come from the Therapy Trainings already being delivered at ACL). I have taught hairdressers, masseurs, reflexologists, engineers (he was fascinated by the Primary Respiratory Mechanism), mother and daughter combos and grandparents. I sometimes feel I am channelling Upledger who also felt there should be no barriers to learning CST.

For my next venture, I have joined an Extinction Rebellion local group and although not up to full on protest at the front line, I did feel I could offer Craniosacral Therapy for those able to brave the barriers and stand up to be counted. My offer has been accepted, watch this space.

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