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A hearty welcome

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

"You are not alone. You have generations of ancestors at your back. You have the blessing of interdependence and community. You have been training for this for a long time. With practice you have learned to quiet the mind and open the heart. Now it is time to step forward, bringing your equanimity and courage, wisdom and compassion to the world. "

- Jack Kornfield "Protecting the Vulnerable"

The conception of Cranio in the Community came to fruition over tapas following an escape of a typical London downpour, but like many life forms coming into being, it was first a simple thought -

How can we help one another?

It is that same thought that drives many of us to this field and profession; the same thought that, once internalized, is an expression of how we help ourselves, (but let's save that one for a little later).

A great number of us who have undertaken the study of craniosacral therapy (CST) have been taken aback by the incredible process of transformation that takes place. I've always felt that even if I had never practiced CST after the completion of my course, it would still be one of the most valuable experiences of my life. Thankfully, this work persists and I am fortunate to share spaces that attract those who have the means and interest to invite craniosacral therapy as part of their journey to inner health. However, therein lies the glaring gap.

As with most "alternative" therapies, one usually has to have some knowledge and additional finances to access this support. So what about the majority who could benefit from this cathartic and transformative work, but experience very tangible blocks to do so?

How can we help one another?

It is out of a response to this question that Cranio in the Community came about. Cranio in the Community is a project that aims to extend our reach of accessibility (as craniosacral therapists) to marginalized communities that may not have the resources to connect with the support that could benefit them. Our ever evolving website will feature therapists who are already pioneering voluntary/donation based work with their views about the importance of service, how they established this work, and their practical advice for therapists looking to explore creative ways to bring CST to the wider community.  

The larger part of the project holds a space that lists volunteer opportunities already available to craniosacral therapists - which of course will take time as this is open to a global network.  Our website and social media forums are for information sharing only, but we do have aspirations to help create opportunities for outreach work.

In addition to the practitioner and volunteer opportunity profiles, our blog aims to act as a home to re-post essays, articles and original pieces exploring the layers we meet within ourselves as we navigate service to humanity and service to self.

We are a community (welcome!) We value one another's perspectives, experiences, and we are grateful for the momentum that is collectively fed when we all set an intention to support one another. We look forward to sharing the unfolding of this project with you.

Lizette Villaverde is the birth mother of Cranio in the Community and a tutor/course leader at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London. The interconnectedness of all humanity underpins her approach to this work and life as a whole. Lizette divides her practice between the UK and Spain.

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