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Working Towards Wholeness

Cranio in the Community was created with an intention to bring awareness and service to marginalized groups that would not normally have the means to access holistic support. An act of service to another is an act of service to all and to ourselves. We remember ourselves, our true selves, when this connectivity becomes realized. Throughout our CST studies, we are constantly reminded that the body is one and that no process, function, emotion or thought can occur in isolation without effecting the whole. The microcosm acts as a cell of the macrocosm as we recall that we are one universal consciousness, all of us connected in a matrix of life energy.

In 2017, Kayla Chadwick began her piece in the Huffington Post with the title “I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People: Our disagreement is not merely political, but a fundamental divide on what it means to live in a society.” At the time, this statement was made was in reference to raising the minimum wage, it however carries universal significance, and can be applied to how we as a community connect with and respond to acts of social disparity and injustice.

What can be extracted from this heading, is the notion that we have compartmentalized ourselves to the point of having lost what it means to be part of a whole. Separation. Us. Them. Red state. Blue State. National. Foreigner. Him. Her. It is the illusion that we, as humanity, have struggled with since our formation.

This year has impacted us in various ways which could create a fertile soil to feed into the fallacy of separation. We as CST practitioners (and humans!) are certainly not immune to this. Even within private social media pockets, which usually serve as a safe haven of resources and advice for Craniosacral therapists, we saw heated (and at times aggressive) debates regarding what constituted the title and practice of this work. So, it then becomes a question of how we remember ourselves, our sacred fulcrums, and the strength of our radiant midlines amidst what might present itself as a threat.

Many of us live by, or at least familiar with, the adage “energy follows thought”. Within the walls of the treatment space, we can bear witness to this phenomenon quite obviously. Consequently, it then falls on us to observe the pathways we are creating with our attentions, and what they are in service to. Suffice to say that we possess the power to put our thoughts into action; driving energy to another truth, that we are all one. The embodiment of this might feel more fully realized when we are operating from a place of security. However, it is clear that a great many people have struggled to find safety within institutions and relationships formed of oppression and brutality. It is up to us to understand where we have been complacent and complicit within these same structures, and to continue to explore and educate ourselves on how we can effect change.

A friend recently shared that it is “collective achievement and not individual inconvenience” that will define our growth and evolution. We are excited for you to join us in continuing to make greater and greater waves in service of the oneness that we are.

To this end, this is an invitation to put aside practicalities and obstacles and to drive forward with acts of compassion to our fellow living beings, those extensions of ourselves with whom we have yet to connect.

We want to strengthen our resolve and call you to join us in whatever way you can. Whether it be giving a low cost or free of charge treatment to someone in need, or offering treatment support in exchange for the client making a donation to a community group or cause, no act goes unnoticed or unfelt within the collective tapestry. You may well already be involved in this, in which case we ask you to share your inspirational work with our community! If you have an idea on setting up an outreach and would like to brainstorm, or have a project that you need volunteer support for then let us know and help spread the love!

In community, in love, in wholeness ❤️

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